Hey dear movers

“Don’t move to train, train to move!”

I am still fighting with my wordpress system and it seems new events still don’t go out to the newsletter. Sorry about that. I am working on a completely new system and therefor not putting time into fixing the old one.

Foto by Ishine Photography

However I of course want to inform you about upcoming classes. And today a new format starts: Movement

I know… that title is quite “open” 🧐Here some keywords: #mobility#power#freedom#balance#embodiment#power#learning#coordination#playfulness
Read more here:

All you need is your body, an open mind, curiosity, a mat or carpet and a smile 🙃

This week I want to try the facebook live stream. Just open my facebook profile Mito FlyingMonkey today at 6:30pm CET (or ideally a few minutes before) an find the live stream.

Next week I will try Instagram live. Then we see what sticks.

Foto by Ishine Photography

And of course the handstand and mobility training continues every wednesday (via Zoom). Topic this week: Hips&legs.

Please feel free to share this information with anyone you think might be interested.

Looking forward to train and move with you! 🐒