Welcome to the world of the FLYING MONKEYS !

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I am Mito the Flying Monkey. On this website you can find all about my offers, my work, my passion, my philosophy and how you can become a flying monkey too.

My roots are in Munich Germany, but I offer workshops around the world, wherever life takes me. Maybe also to your town? Please send me a message if you are interested in a collaboration or hosting a workshop.

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Apart from group workshops, I offer bodywork treatments and massages, as well as private movement or acro coaching sessions.

The additional purpose of this website is to share ideas, insights and beautiful pictures.
For more, also find me on Instagram or Facebook.

Please excuse visual imperfection of this website. A refurbished, modern version of it is in the makings for a while now, but I mostly chose to put my time into quality content of my classes, rather than the online presentation of them.
Just recently I finished a web development course and hopefully soon I will get back to this project with all my new skills and a new passion.

I’m always thankful to hear/read your thoughts and constructive feedback on anything you find here or in my workshops.

Looking forward to connect and play with you.