Are you a mover, an acrobat or a yogi? Are you looking for inspiration or advice? Or are you facing challenges in your practice?

Maybe I can support you.

Many years of moving, training and studying with various teachers around the globe, as well as teaching and working with people from many different backgrounds, cultures and situations, have allowed me to develop a good a eye for movements and posture, a clear language, and an empathetic and understanding touch. I would be happy to meet you and find out together if I can support you on your journey.

Please use the contact form below to get in touch with me.

If we happen to be in the same city/area at some point I would be happy to meet you personaly.

But there is also the option of online coaching. This can range from just sending me a little video of a move/trick you would like advice on, to a video call session, to a full training programming with multiple sessions over a certain time frame.

Of course, especially for acrobats, this works for individuals as well as couples or even small communities.

I do not set a fixed price for this work, because I want to keep it accessible for people from different countries and financial backgrounds.