Moving into Presence Retreat 2020


The risk rating for Portugal was updated, so unfortunately we have to cancel the retreat.
We will try again next year. Dates are not fixed, but probably it will be September again. If you are interested, please sign up via the contact form below (there is a box “I would like to participate in 2021”) or just send us a message. All the best and hope to see you soon!

On the Corona situation:

We are not taking the threat lightly, but are very confident that by mid September it will be safe for us to meet, and that our retreat can take place as planned. 
Social reconnect will be very important after the social distancing.
Of course, there is a lot of insecurity now about group events and traveling (especially by airplane).
We promise to give you a FULL REFUND of the fee we receive from you, if you can’t come in the end because your flights get cancelled or are not available at all.
So NO RISK signing up now and hoping for the best!
For us it will be very helpful though to know how many people want to join.
To make it as safe as possible, we are preparing extra precautions. Some of them being:

  • limited number of participants
  • practice in small groups / limited number of partners
  • more solo practices
  • hygiene measures during meals

We are looking forward to meet you and move together!


We invite you on a journey into deep awareness. A week filled with a blend of yoga, embodiment, acroyoga, movement, breath- and bodywork, dance, meditation and massage. Move to let go, move towards joy, move into presence!

Retreat from everyday life setting out on an adventure into the core of your existence.

Dive into a deep feeling of being alive. Become aware of what is there right now. Invite life to flow through you, to breathe you and express its creative power. 

Connect with other people, community and nature to feel whole and complete. Tune into a life of harmony and balance. Step towards your true inner blissful being. 

We don’t promise heaven, but we promise a heavenly fun journey in a protected and inspiring setup.

About the practice

We move and sense into our body to calm the mind. Through embodiment we get more aware of the present moment. We are also going to explore the movement of our breath, thoughts and emotions. When we leave the box and our limiting beliefs, judgments and expectations, when we stop wanting, trying and seeking, the inherent creative self can emerge and the magic flows. 

Connecting and moving mindfully with another person takes the adventure even further! Our subjective perspective gets attuned with the reality around us. Playfully we explore communicating through touch, sharing balance, moving together and making our interactions a dance.

It is not necessary to have previous experience with any of the practices or to have physical prerequisites. Two legs, two arms and a portion of curiosity and openness is all you need.

You can come on your own or with your partner or a friend.


September 22nd – 28th 2020

Daily schedule

Every day will start with 90 minutes of Yoga in the morning. 

After breakfast we continue with 2 hours of movement explorations (somatic experiencing, acrobatics, inversions, contact improvisation, partnering, mobility, coordination, games, …). This might sound intense for some people – please bear in mind that our focus is rather on awareness than performance. So we level the content to everybody’s needs.

After lunch we will either have an afternoon or evening session (Thai-Yoga-Massage, meditation, silent walk in nature, Yoga technique, Yin Yoga). Some afternoon we can go to the river. Some evening we might have a campfire.

Of course everything is mandatory! You have to attend every single session!!! … Just kidding 😉 This week is for YOU! So of course you are always free to choose what serves you best right now. If you are motivated there will be a lot of programm each day. If at some point you need/want time on your own, you can always enjoy the beautiful nature around, go for a walk, hang out in the garden, read a book in a hammock or do whatever your heart is longing for.

About us

Veronika Hausberger
Yogini by heart, world traveler by curiosity, dancer by passion. She has been teaching Yoga in Munich since 2013. As a former Capoeira player and dancer, she loves the flow in Yoga. The focus of her interest has been shifting from an outer movement to the inner one. One goes with the other.

She’s exchanged her business life for a life of a seeker – constantly moving towards a more harmonious life which shall feel good from the inside, instead of only looking good from the outside. Currently she is finishing her education as Psychotherapist (Heilpraktiker Psych) which she will be combining with Yoga, breath and movement sessions.

Mito FlyingMonkey
Mito is a German movement junkie, who loves to geek out on tricks, moves, progression, biomechanics, health and spirituality. But much of the important stuff in life doesn’t just happen in the mind, so more importantly he loves to play, explore, co-create and dive into a dance of movement.

Since 2014 it is also part of his passion to share his insights and experience in Acroyoga, embodiment and Thai-Yoga-Massage. He teaches workshops throughout Europe and on many festivals and conventions around the world, as well as several retreats every year.
His strengths are precise instructions, on-the-spot cues and subtle progressions. He will be happy after a workshop if people are left with a smile, a good feeling in their body and a lot of inspiration.

About the location

Gravito ( is a truly magical spot with many acres of land surrounded by forests. It is a non profit organisation working for the development of consciousness and the protection of the natural heritage. The aim is to restore the ecosystem by using permaculture principles, water retention systems and an ecological approach.

There are domes and tipis for accommodation on individual terraces, a large shaded outdoor platform and a big geodesic dome for practice.

Homegrown and locally sourced organic ingredients are used to create inventive and nutritious vegetarian cuisine.

In the area you can find great river waterfall swimming spots, many walking trails and it is at walking distance from a river beach with restaurants and local cafes.


Cost for all classes: 324€

Cost for accomodation and food:

  • Shared 4-Bed room: 510€
  • Double room: 570€
  • Single room: 690€

The fee for accomodation and food has to be paid directly to the venue. The fee for the course has to be paid to Mito. 

After submitting the sign up form, you will get an email with the payment details. 

If more than 10 participants are joining, each person gets a 100€ refund. So bring your friends 😉

The maximum number of participants is 23.

Transport from/to the airport can be arranged for an extra fee of 25-40€ each way.


Cancelation policy

Payments are refundable up to a month before the retreat, and incur a 20% fee. Cancellations made within that month are non-refundable.

In case of a cancelation on behalf of the organizers or the venue, each participant will be informed immediately and payments will be reimbursed. Privately purchased bus, train or airplane tickets for arrival and departure can not be refunded in such a case.

What to bring

  • Refillable water bottle
  • Yoga mat (No problem if you don’t have one, there will be some at the venue)
  • It can be a bit chilly in the mornings (~20°C 😉 ). So you might want to bring some long sleeves for that. (White colors will also be nice to keep the mosquitoes away during sunset.)

We are super excited to co-create a beautiful week together with YOU!
Come join us!