Thai-Yoga Massage


Sunday 5.4.2020    
17:30 - 19:30

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In these times of social distancing it is more important then ever to share some affectionate touch with our loved ones.

Therefore, for the next couple of weeks every Sunday evening 5:30pm – 7:30pm CET I will guide you through a Thai-Yoga-Massage sequence (read more about TYM below).

No previous experience required.


First 45-60 minutes one of you can relax and receive while the other is practicing. Then we have a few minutes break. And then you switch roles and we go through the sequence again.

Please have your space on the floor prepared with a couple of Yoga mats (or similar) and some blankets to make it nice and cozy (ideally not too soft. This allows a more accurate feeling for the right amount of weight/pressure applied).


The link to the session (usually Zoom) can be found here a couple of days before each session.

Link for April 5th:

No registration required.

Please be ready and join the Zoom meeting 5-10 Minutes before 6 pm, so we can start on time.


The suggested price for the session is 20€ per couple. However I offer to join for free, to make it available to those of you who lost (most of) their income in this current Corona crisis (like me). So basically you can choose to donate what ever feels right/appropriate for you.


Bank transfer:
Michael Flohrschütz
IBAN: DE10 2004 1133 0400 5955 00

About Thai-Yoga-Massage

In this form of massage practitioner and receiver dive into a dance of movements, acupressure, stretches and twists, as they sink into a meditative state of flow and sensing. Different from e.g. Swedish massage, it uses less muscular effort, but rather gravity and leverage. For that reason it is also not practiced on a table, but rather on a mat on the floor. Originally offered by the monks, it is also seen as a spiritual practice, allowing the practitioner to sink into a meditative state, making space to connect with intuition and sensing the needs of the receivers body.

I wish you all the best and look forward to a great session together!

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