Saturday 11.4.2020    
18:30 - 20:00

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Miss going to the gym or meeting with friends for outdoor movement?

Let’s turn our home into a gym and a movement playground. A session of drills and exercises for strenght and mobility, as well as coordination challenges and a lot of fun. We will make use of a variety of things most people will probably have at home.

There will also be a couple of really useful drills for acrobats. (But don’t worry if you are not an acrobat, it is for everyone!)

No experience required.

Saturday April 11th
6:30pm – 8pm CET

What you should have prepared

  • A couple of square meters open space
  • A wall (or door frame)
  • A broom stick (also any other stick should work)
  • A bolster or big pillow
  • A yoga mat (or any other mat, or even just a carpet)
  • Some books / yoga blocks
  • A band (ideally rubber, maybe an inner tube, even just a piece of rope will work)
  • A chair or stool
  • A ball (tennis ball would be perfect, but anything that rolls will work, even just a plastic bottle)
  • 2 weights (eg cans of beans, ideally 500ml each)

If you do not have one or more of the things, don’t worry. You can send me a mail to figure out what else you could use: Email me


The suggested “donation” for is 10-15€ per person. However, if you are in a financial crisis atm you can also join for less. Of course you can frist see how you like the session and then decide afterwards 😉
Thank you for supporting and appreciating my work!

Paypal: paypal.me/MitoMonkey

Bank transfer:
Michael Flohrschuetz
IBAN: DE10 2004 1133 0400 5955 00

(If both those options do not work for you, please contact me I’m sure we’ll find a solution.)


Sign up here: https://form.jotform.com/200973420550347

Looking forward to move and train with you!