Wednesday 4.11.2020 - Thursday 5.11.2020    
18:00 - 19:30

Event Type

This 5 week online handstand course is designed to guide you to a solid handstand practice.

To be fully honest from the start: Handstand is a long journey, and no one can expect to learn it perfectly in 5 weeks. But it is enough time to learn the technique and establish a well-rounded, safe, healthy and joyful training routine.

There will be a good portion of theory, but my main goal is to keep it experiential and playful.

Rather than pressing each student into the same box, trying to copy an ideal posture, I believe in variability and options to enable the body to choose what works best at any given moment.

Beyond learning a cool pose, we use the journey to improve body awareness, posture, coordination, balance and general mindfulness.

Open for beginners, but also handstanders who practice for a while already will benefit.

Course format

Each week has different focus isolating bodyparts or aspects, and then integrating them into the big picture.

  • Week 1 – 04.11. : “Get your ass up” – Momentum and the legs
  • Week 2 – 11.11. : “Spirals” – Arms and shoulders
  • Week 3 – 18.11. : “HOLLOW!” – Spine, core and pelvis
  • Week 4 – 25.11. : “The dark side” – Balance
  • Week 5 – 02.12. : Symmetry and integration

The sessions are progressive and complementary, so I highly recommend taking the full course. However you can join individual session if you have trained with me before or have experience from somewhere else and are interested in one particular topic.

Live online group training is always on Wednesday from 6 pm to around 7:30 pm CET.
November 4th until December 2nd.
I will record each class and keep the link available for 1 week. (Live participants are not visible in the recording.) So you can repeat the exercises as many times as you want during that week, or simply skip the live class if it doesn’t fit your calender and train whenever you perfer to do so.

What you need

A mat (yoga mat or similar), a wall and a portion of curiosity.


After signing up (see below), you will receive a confirmation with the payment information. A few days before the course starts, I will send out the link to join the session.

  • Full course (5 classes): 60€
  • One class only: 16€


Use this link if the form above does not display correctly: https://form.jotform.com/202922524924353

Looking forward to flip the world upside down with you!