Good and bad, online classes and Signal group

Hi dear acrobats, movers and handstanders

a new year has started and everyone is hoping for it to be “better” than the last one. I write “better” in quotation because I am not a fan of these categories. Of course one thing can be better than another, but always only in relation to the needs/perspective of someone. What is better for one person will always be worse for someone else. Now 2020 surely was a challenging year for many of us. But to “judge” it will not make it better, it will just leave a bad memory and foster negativ thought and emotion patterns.

When it comes to movement, I don’t like to say someone is a “good” / “bad” mover/acrobat/yogi. One can be experienced, or talented, … or not. But does that make one “better” or “worse”?

Competition seems to be deeply rooted element in this world. But I personally don’t like the competitive mindset of comparing and judging each other. I prefer to support each other. And together we can become more then each of us could possibly reach alone.
For me movement practice and Acroyoga is not about reaching any goal or level. It’s not about being good or bad. It’s rather about joyful, creative play and co-creation.

Setting goals is important to have a direction and a motivation. To keep moving into a direction. But as with any navigation there will most likely not be a direct path and at some point we may have to reconsider the goal and adjust our direction.

That being said, I am sure you all have made great resolutions for 2021 😉

Maybe a “good” handstand is one of them? 😉

In that case I invite you to join my weekly handstand mobility trainings. Every Wednesday from 6 pm to around 7 pm CET we meet online to train our mobility, strenght, balance, coordination, body awareness and of course HANDSTANDS !

Not because the fulfillment of our life depends on a nice handstand, but because we enjoy the process and grow in it.

This week (13.1.2021) we will focus on balance. As you can see in the picture, taking away the visual reference makes it much harder, but is still possible if the other components of our balance system are capable to compensate enough. We will go through all the different systems, see how we can train them and which ones are your most reliable ones.

And one more thing: I would love to have more of a FlyingMonkeys tribe! More community, more interaction. Therefor I created a Signal group. Signal is just like Whatsapp, just waaaaaay better. You may think now, wtf another messenger? I have too many already… Well then take the courage, delete everything that is moraly totaly inaceptable (like Whatsapp) and use only one that is acceptable. Do your own research if it interests you. But in any case I would be very happy if you would join the FlyingMonkey Signal group here:

All the best and hope to see you soon,